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2018 Melbourne Meccano Exhibition

We will be holding our seventeenth Annual exhibition during the second weekend in October, 2018. Details are available here.

Electrical Equipment Testing (By-Law 5)

Mains connected electrical equipment used at Club functions must comply with safety requirements as provided in Club By-Law 5. Primarily, all mains-powered equipment MUST have a current "test and tag" proof of safety. No tag, no power.

As in previous years, a limited testing service will be available on the Saturday morning of the Exhibition for country and interstate members unable to attend the June meeting.

Members' display details

The 2018 display form may downloaded by right clicking here. The document is in PDF format and will require Acrobat or similar reader to open and print. As soon as you have finalised the details of your display, it will help immensely if you download the form from the website, fill in your details and return it. Early is good, late is bad!

The information members provide on their forms is used to design the layout of the halls to achieve a good balance as well as to make the weekend an enjoyable one for members.

Therefore the exhibition subcommittee needs to know the length of table space you will require to the nearest 100mm. This is important as errors here could mean that you are uncomfortable and cramped or the public is shortchanged by a lot of empty table space. Please set your display up at home and measure it with a tape before completing your form.

To balance the displays we need to know whether models are powered or static and whether you have made special provision for "hands on" play by our visitors. If you will be showing an original model please provide some details. If you are reproducing a model from the literature please include a reference to your source.

The last date on which forms will be accepted is 7 September 2018. Late forms may be accepted by special arrangement but will only be allocated table space after all other forms are processed.

Club Dinner

The Annual Club Dinner will be held on the evening of 13 October 2018. Be sure to include your intentions in the space provided on your form before submitting it.

More Information:

Catherine Tritt
email: Catherine Tritt.