Melbourne Meccano Club Inc. meeting June 2004

Our June meeting was held at the Bri-Phil Hall on Saturday, June 12. As
usual, the hour between the opening of the doors and commencement of the formal meeting was occupied at the sales tables and inspecting the range of models displayed by members.

There were 34 members in attendance with an additional 7 family members.

Meeting Report
In the absence of our President,
Mike Maloney , Vice President,
John Brand
, chaired the meeting that commenced just after 2.00 pm.

John indicated that
Rod Marrow was currently testing various items of
members' equipment. As not all members had brought their equipment
for testing, John pointed out that the next meeting was the last
opportunity for city members who were intending to exhibit at the
exhibition to have their equipment checked. Rod again explained the
testing and tagging process and answered questions from the floor.
At the end of this members expressed their thanks by acclamation.

Jack Parsisson
reported on external exhibition activity reminding
members of a fairly full program of external exhibitions including: Monash Model Engineering Exhibition on 2/3 October, Red Hill School on 28 November,
and 'Vision Centre' now at Brandon Park 11/12 December.

Kimball Monger reported on the progress of the arrangements for the Club's
exhibition. As this year is the centenary of the first Meccano exhibition, it is
to be commemorated at our exhibition. Kimball requested contemporary
displays and models from the collectors in our membership. A dinner is also
being planned for exhibitors and volunteers on the Saturday evening. A
count of members intending to exhibit was taken and the result was most
pleasing to the subcommittee members. As
Bruce Douglas , the source of our
literature displays, is moving to Tasmania, alternative arrangements are
under consideration Members having suitable items (such as posters, sales
leaflets, etc.) are requested to make this known to the exhibition sub-

At this point
Roger Hall displayed and discussed a Meccano advertisement in
a copy of the Geelong Advertiser published in 1926.

Model Presentations & Items of Interest

Peter During

proceedings by
demonstrating a
Lunar vehicle
from the Infra
Red Control set
and a jib crane from
yellow MultiKit parts.

Dave Denner had his F1 and CQ write up on display. Now sporting Dave's
version of Paul Dale's small differential, Motor, RC receiver and control
linkages, it bristles with mechanical cunning.

Next was Daniel Tritt (6 years) on his first visit to the club showed a dump
truck made Meccano Junior entirely by himself. His older brother,
Alexander , had another original model of his own design.  It was work in
progress. Great work fellas.

Tony Press had on display his painstakingly recreated Hornby crystal sets
and gave us a fascinating insight into this little known aspect of Meccano

Barry McDonald showed his reconstruction of Bernard Perier's veteran
motor vehicle described in a recent CQ. He also demonstrated a recent
birthday gift in the form of one of the YooCan models. What will they think of

Jack Parsissonís latest model was a tableaux depicting a Wabco mining
truck being transported on a pair of Kenworth hauled semi-trailers. The
Wabco was originally designed by Phillip Webb and the Kenworths were by
Anthony Els after a design published in 'Meccano News'. Jack's models
incorporated many refinements.

Jeff van Hees has given the main model from the Centenary crane kit a
thorough redesign. Jeff has incorporated remote control as well as 
eliminating the dodgy drive selectors of the original.

John Riley   has once again been raiding his box of 'tired' parts from various
eras to produce the steam roller  that inhabited the No7 Set Manual between
1937 and 1953. Who was the wag giving odds that we'd see it in gloss black
at the next meeting?

Sandra Hall
had a monoplane made from Buz. She also had a question
about the origin of set she had recently acquired.

Roger Hall had the new Design Set 1 Motorbike and one each of the newly
introduced single model sets assembled. Roger also led a very interesting
discussion on equipment for radio control of Meccano models.

Jim Osborne briefly recounted his recent travels in Meccanoland and
distributed largesse from David Wells.

John Cockerell discussed the finer points of his development of a neat fork
lift. Until he explained that the model had its origins in a manual model few
would have guessed this, so thorough was his rebuild.

John Brand displayed an Army MultiKit tank which was having difficulty
with its tracks. Members made a number of suggestions of what he could do
with it. Only some of these were of much help in solving the problem.


Graham Jost
gave advance notice that the bi-annual convention in New
Zealand would be held over Easter 2005. He recounted happenings and
foreshadowed a visit by a member from the New Zealand club to our
upcoming exhibition.

then closed the meeting and members continued looking at the model
display and partaking of the afternoon tea laid out by the ladies.

Images courtesy of Peter Dalliston, Tony Press and Graham Jost.
Thanks to Graeme Thomson for the words.

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Don't miss the Radio Receiving Set
at right
Lindsay Carroll had a rebuild of Rob Mitchell's
Meccanosaurus (CQ 18) which,
when switched on, headed straight off the edge of the table.

No wonder they're extinct.