Model Train Expo and Hobby Show, at the World Vision Centre, Nov 2001
Model Train Expo and Hobby Show
World Vision Centre 17 & 18 Nov 2001

Once again the MMC produced an attractive display of Meccano Models with several members contributing.

Dave Denner had two "conventional" models - Tricky Track and the Bagnall Tractor and Trailer (from the NZFMM web page).  As well he produced some "avant garde" models, the Airship and Helicopter from the Crazy Inventor Series and the Bulldozer and Excavator from the Future Master Series Models.

Peter During kept himself busy demonstrating the two Meccanographs that he brought along.

Kimball Monger produced yet another example of his love of unusual motor cars, this time a speed hill climb special, christened "Kim Khan" (don't ask me why).  These cars were home made using various components from production cars.  This particular model had an Avions~Vision chassis, a Lancia front and a Bugatti rear, suspension.  It was powered by a Gypsy 4 cylinder OHV 5 litre engine which was super-charged using a Corzette blower.  Transmission was via a Bugatti right-hand, gate-change gearbox and a Delage rear -axle.  This account sounds rather dull compared with Kimball's lively and entertaining account - maybe we should move to a "talking book" style of newsletter.  He also had his Rider in the Sky, another example of an imaginative and unconventional Kimball - style model.

Graham Jost brought along three models - Ball Roller, Penguin Stair Case (or should that be Lego Staircase?) and a "Horseless Carriage" powered by a Magic Motor.

Roger Hall
provided a third Crazy Inventors model, the Steam Boat.
John Brand's models were of the more traditional kind (some might say real Meccano) - three models from the early post-war (or just pre-war) No 5 Manual.  These were the Seaplane, Ganty Crane and Truck.

Jack Parsisson demonstrated his Liberty Ship Marine Engine and Steam Road Roller.